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of attention to it and hope we will be able to make an announcement in the not too distant future. >> mr. brown. >> thousands of people in syria are being killed and the suffering is immense. authorities in the country say the british assistance has been slow and the priority ought to be supporting the civil administration councils so that basic water and sewage services can be connected. what more can the prime minister do to discuss with president obama to really bring about a solution to this crisis? >> deputy prime minister? >> i know the prime minister who is of course in the region right now discusses this on an ongoing basis with the president of the united states and will continue to do so. we are the second largest bilateral donor in syria. of course the circumstances on the ground are incredibly difficult in the delivery of aid and assistance but we need to make every effort we can to accelerate had a, get it to the right people in a timely manner and in the right place and any suggestions he wishes to make to the department for international development and others about how we should
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1